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Unpaid Toll Violations Can Lead To Driver's License Suspension

A single pay toll violation can lead to a substantial fine and up to three points being added to your driver's license. Unfortunately, these traffic tickets are often packaged together. People tend to be hit with multiple toll violations at one time. The points can add up quickly and driver's license suspension is a possibility. Thankfully, toll violations can be fought.

If you have been accused of driving through an E-Pass or a SunPass lane without paying at the toll booth, the Orlando toll violation lawyers at The Ticket Squad can defend you. We have over two decades of experience that we will put to work for you. Do not pay your fines and plead guilty without first learning how we can fight the toll violation.

How To Defend Against Toll Violations

There are many legitimate defense strategies in these cases. Perhaps you simply neglected to add funds to your Florida E-Pass or SunPass, or for some reason the credit card you use for you to add funds did not go through. Perhaps the transponder was not properly installed. Perhaps there was some other error that caused your pass not to be read correctly. Our attorneys will review all of these issues and determine an effective defense strategy.

Even if you simply went through the toll plaza without paying the toll, we may be able to reduce your fines. Whether you face a single turnpike toll violation or you have accumulated many violations and your driver's license is in jeopardy, we can help.

Free Turnpike Toll Charge Consultation

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