Traffic Tickets While Visiting Florida

Paying The Ticket Is Not The Easiest Option

If you got a traffic violation while visiting Florida for work or on vacation, you may think that the easiest option is to just pay the ticket fine. You want to avoid having to come back to Orlando or elsewhere in Florida to go to court. You want to avoid a hassle. We can help.

At The Ticket Squad, our attorneys can represent you without requiring you to travel. We can represent you in court. You can communicate with us via phone and email. You will be surprised at just how easy we will make the process for you, and in many cases our services end up costing less than the ticket penalties when you add up the fines and the increased insurance premiums that you might incur if you just pay the ticket.

Defense Against All Florida Traffic Violations

It is not uncommon for people to get traffic tickets while visiting Florida. Sometimes it is merely the result of being unfamiliar with the roads and the traffic patterns. Whatever the case may be, we will work hard and use our more than two decades of experience to help you avoid fines and driver's license suspension.

Our lawyers defend out-of-state drivers against:

Free Consultation And Money Back Guarantee

Call us at 407-955-4114 or contact us online. When you hire our law firm, you get our guarantee: no points, no court or your money back.*

*Money back guarantee applies to noncriminal, civil infractions.