Leaving The Scene Of An Accident In Orlando

Hit-And-Run Charges Are Serious

When people think of hit and run, they think of a serious auto accident. However, the charge of leaving the scene of an accident in Florida is not based on the severity of the motor vehicle crash. It is illegal to leave the scene of any accident and not report it to the police if there is more than $500 in damage. Perhaps you left a note on the damaged vehicle but it was not found. Perhaps you intended to contact police later. Perhaps the allegations against you are false. Whatever the case may be, this is a serious traffic offense and you can fight it.

At The Ticket Squad, our attorneys have over two decades of experience fighting charges like leaving the scene of an accident. No matter how challenging you believe your case to be, you can be confident with us on your side.

Hit-And-Run Defense Strategies

Our lawyers will start by reviewing the evidence against you. What evidence does law enforcement have that places you at the scene of the automobile collision? Were you caught on camera? Is there evidence of contact between your car and the other car? We will look for flaws in the evidence. We will also look at mitigating factors. What were the weather conditions? Was there road construction? Did the two vehicles even make contact?

We have established an impressive record of success in these complex cases. Our goal is to have the charges against you dropped or reduced. We will work hard to see that you do not have to face life-changing penalties because you left the scene of an accident.

Free Hit-And-Run Charge Consultation

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