Orlando CDL Violation Lawyers

Traffic Ticket Defense For Truck Drivers And Other Professional Drivers

As a professional driver in Florida, you know that getting a traffic violation is not just a matter of paying a fine. Your commercial driver's license (CDL) is on the line. Your career is in jeopardy. Your paycheck is in jeopardy. You need to fight the traffic charges, and that means hiring a lawyer with specific knowledge of the laws that apply to truck drivers, delivery van drivers and other commercial drivers. You will find that lawyer at The Ticket Squad.

Our Orlando CDL violation attorneys defend truckers and other professional drivers against all traffic offenses, including speeding tickets, driving while license suspended, drunk driving, racing, careless driving and more. We recognize that, even if you get accused of one of these traffic violations outside of work and outside of your truck, it may impact your CDL, therefore it must be fought. We have over two decades of experience fighting CDL violations.

Not Just Standard Traffic Offenses

We do not just defend professional drivers such as truckers against standard traffic offenses. We are well-versed in defending against trucking industry specific charges such as:

  • Truck lane violations
  • Overweight load violations
  • Logbook violations
  • Equipment violations

Our lawyers provide aggressive defense, because we know how much is at stake. While we will negotiate a positive resolution if the opportunity exists, we are also prepared to fight. We will go to court to protect you and your driving career. We defend Florida truckers, delivery van drivers, limo drivers and other professional drivers against all CDL charges.

Free Consultation About A CDL Violation

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