Orlando Traffic Violation Lawyers

They Write It. We Fight It.

Whether you rely on your license to drive to work or for work, to get where you need to go or simply to enjoy the freedom of the open road, it makes sense to aggressively defend your rights as a driver and the integrity of your driving record. The Ticket Squad can help.

Weigh The Costs Before You Pay The Ticket

You could simply pay the traffic ticket and be done with it. Many people think that is the best option. Only when it is too late do they realize that the cost of a traffic offense is much more than the amount of the fine. Accumulating points on your record puts you in jeopardy of enhanced penalties on violations in the future. Depending on the nature of the traffic violation, your insurance rates could increase exponentially.

On the other hand, you could hire an experienced Orlando traffic violation attorney at our law firm. You may find that fighting a traffic ticket costs much less than you think, and much less than the cost of paying the ticket. Fees start at $75 for most traffic tickets.

Defense Against All Traffic Offenses

If the offense you've been ticketed for is related to traffic, we handle it, including:

Does your moving violation put you at risk of habitual traffic offender status? We can help.

Perhaps you drive for a living. Our lawyers understand how to defend truck drivers, delivery van drivers and other professional drivers against CDL violations.

We defend Florida residents, as well as visitors ticketed while in Florida.

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Call us at 407-955-4114 or contact us online. When you hire us, you get our guarantee: no points, no court or your money back.*

*Money back guarantee applies to noncriminal, civil infractions.